Why choose The Orchard

Treat yourself to nothing but the very best

The Orchard is the largest office complex in Ostrava and was designed in class A. It received final approval in 2009, satisfying the demands and requirements of even the most discerning of companies. It is comfortable, easily accessible, offers flexible layouts and modern furnishings. The people who look after the building share the same vision: to do their utmost to ensure your satisfaction.

Take a deep breath and draw inspiration from the clear open space

The Orchard is spacious and airy and everyone will also find here the very spot to precisely suit their needs. Are you not the sort of person who enjoys sitting all the time? More than 34,000 square meters spread out over 4 buildings will allow you to dance while you work if you want. You won’t be the first person to succumb to the rhythm of The Orchard in Ostrava. Several successful Czech and foreign companies have been happy here with us for several years now.

Wherever you are coming from

We have located The Orchard in such a way as to ensure that it can easily be accessed from all directions and that clients can find their way to you more easily than finding their way home. The complex of office buildings is located in the wider centre of Ostrava, close to bus and trolleybus stops and with very convenient access to the D1 motorway.

Multiply your success

We ourselves know full well that success has an impact on happiness and that happy people make a successful company. This is why you will find 2 wonderfully furnished and modern canteens right in The Orchard, our very own nursery school, a fitness centre or, for example, a spacious car park offering more than 630 spaces with a ratio of 1 parking space per 50m² and plenty of space for your visitors.

Modern and timeless
office complex 34.000
  • 4 separate buildings 6 floors above ground, airy offices and positive, inspiring environment
  • 34.000 m² to let Plenty of room for all your future successes
  • More than 630 parking spaces Secure parking in no time
  • High-performance air-conditioning system You will appreciate its performance during the summer
  • 12 lifts They will reliably get you where you want to go. Up or down. Without waiting.
  • Bicycle parking Dust off the cobwebs on your way to work.
  • Office ceiling height 2.8 metres When you jump for joy at a new idea.
  • External blinds You yourself control how much sunlight you let in.
  • Openable windows Let in fresh ideas together with some fresh air.
PLAY OUR VIDEO FROM THE ORCHARD Have a look at The Orchard from all angles

Have a look,
where your offices could be situated.

In The Orchard, we have a total of more than 34,000 m² of beautiful office space, which we are ready to prepare to the full satisfaction of your team in collaboration with you.

We currently have the following vacant space just for you.

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Free:112 m² from 1280 m²
Free:479 m² from 1480 m²
Free:793 m² from 1813 m²
Free:420 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 1820 m²
Free:1025 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 808 m²
Free:0 m² from 1280 m²
Free:300 m² from 1280 m²
Free:0 m² from 1813 m²
Free:0 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 1820 m²
Free:1814 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 803 m²
Free:550 m² from 1280 m²
Free:1117 m² from 1280 m²
Free:0 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 1820 m²
Free:0 m² from 803 m²
Shift of 3D model of complex

Services and facilities?
For the most discerning of clients.

Facilities is the catchword of the day and we certainly did bear this in mind in the case of The Orchard. Central reception with trained staff and non-stop security ensures availability and peace of mind for all of your work requirements. Two modern canteens ensure that you can buy good and high-quality food. The modern and forward-thinking nursery school will look after your young children. Not bad for an office, don’t you think?

  • 2 modern canteens
  • Private nursery school
  • Central reception with security 24/7
  • Electronic access system
  • Building Management

Flexi Offices

A Tailor-made Office

We are well aware that sometimes you need facilities that are flexible. That’s why at Orchard we’ve prepared a concept that allows you to rent even smaller spaces for a shorter period of time while enjoying the comfort of an entire complex. You can choose from offices as small as 15 sqm and, if your business and team grow, your facilities can easily grow with them.

Maximum Amenities for Your Comfort

BHS Flexi Offices is a concept that can offer basic furniture and office equipment. All you have to do is move in and start using them. There is also a spacious meeting room, kitchenette and comfortable lounge. Do you have a meeting? Just make a reservation.

Services You Don’t Have to Deal With

A central reception that you can rely on? Cleaning? High-quality and fast internet connection? Don’t worry about all that, we’ve sorted it out for you. Need another work position? It’s no problem.

Treat Yourself to the Best Facilities

The Orchard is the largest A-standard office complex in Ostrava and has been meeting the demands and needs of even the most demanding Czech and foreign companies since 2009. It’s comfortable, easily accessible, variable in layout and equipped with modern facilities. The people who take care of the property share the same vision: to do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

flexi offices
flexi offices
flexi offices
flexi offices
flexi offices

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Who is responsible for the project?

Have your own Orchard

At BHS, we are proud to own a project like The Orchard. It perfectly complements our portfolio. We have been operating as one of the leading investment companies in the Czech Republic since 1993. We manage investments worth more than 14 billion crowns, of which the real estate fund constituted 1.7 billion as at the end of 2022.

Successfully with the successful

Stability and long-term success are based on an open and fair approach to business partners, which the tenants in The Orchard also appreciate. And you too could be one of the people to appreciate this.

We know where we are going

We look after our investments. The Orchard is no exception to this. We want its tenants to be happy and bring success to tenants and investors. We do not intend to sell it. We want to pamper our star property.

Has The Orchard captured your interest? We have 6610 m² of free space just for you. Arrange a viewing in person and see for yourself.

Contact us

For more details, please call Jan Kratochvíl +420 602 658 621 or write to us at jan.kratochvil@bhs.cz

The Orchard Building

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